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Built right, on time.


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Your building needs an upgrade or addition, and you need it done on time and in budget. We'll build you the most efficient, neat, and clean facility in your industry!
Communication, integrity and time are important. Let team TESSLER make your project a SUCCESS. We're different!

You shouldn’t have to worry about your project. You have a vision and questions that need answers. Let team TESSLER take over and you won’t have to worry any longer!

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Proudly building America one satisfied customer at a time!
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We understand your concerns around product
contamination, quality control, and production loss.

Production Line shutdown is a real problem! It causes loss of revenue, loss of customers and loss of product.

You need a builder with a proven track record of meeting deadlines without hurting your business.

Working with TESSLER means you can still meet the demands of your consumer while meeting all codes and regulations!

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Proudly building our relationships for over 25 years!
Contact Us

Give us a call or schedule a meeting with us to take the first step to success in planning your construction project.

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Let’s meet in person. We’ll discuss the scope of the project, review pricing, and go over the timing.


We will manage all administrative tasks and begin the process: Demolition, Build, Interior Finishing, Equipment Installation.

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Proudly become our next favorite customer!
Why should you trust us?
  • 2022 AGC Safety Excellence Award

  • COVID trained

  • Respect confidentiality

  • Union affiliated - Mid America Carpenters Regional Council  

  • OSHA certified

  • SMTC – Safety Management Training Course Certified

  • Licensed Commercial General Contractor 

  • Multiple AGC Safety Recognition Awards

  • Member of Builders Association

  • Affiliated with ISNetworld

  • GMP Trained

  • Work with your QA and PPP departments

  • Budget Breakdowns

  • Full Transparency

Brands we've built for:
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Download the FREE Project Checklist!

We want you to be prepared when it comes to your building project. We've put together a helpful checklist for you to review while you begin your project with us!


….we hired Tessler Construction again to remodel our Food Process Facility knowing the high level of experience and knowledge their team has. The level of quality, the strict safety standards and cleanliness is like drinking water to them, day to day standard procedure! 

Throughout the years, our firm hired Tessler to construct many Medical facilities across the United States. We always have tight deadlines that must be met for our patients. I can think of a few words that sum it up perfectly… professional, honest, on time…

I have known Ron and done business with Ron Tessler for over 30 years. Tessler Construction is honest, reliable, responsive, customer friendly and perform quality work. I would not hesitate to recommend them to a client.

All contractors say they are good, some are and some aren’t. Tessler Construction Co has consistently exceeded our expectations every time. Such a pleasure to work with a company that knows how to build Chemical facilities!

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